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Recently, an email and short message service (SMS) has been circulating amongst members of the public pertaining to a poisonous perfume sample which caused the death of seven women upon inhalation and exposure. It was purportedly sent by a person who claimed to be an employee of Gleneagles Hospital Limited, on behalf of the hospital, in order to warn the public as these seven women were supposedly admitted and treated at Gleneagles Hospital.

We understand the panic and mystification that this email has caused and the public’s need to seek verification and consolation from a reliable medical institution such as ours. Thus, we would like to highlight that we have never admitted or treated such patients and have never been aware of such incidences. We would also like to categorically state that this email did not originate from our Hospital and / or any of our employees, current or otherwise. In addition, we declare that no one was ever at any time commissioned or authorised by the Hospital to deliver and circulate such warnings. Further to this, we would also like to point out that our registered company name is Gleneagles Hospital (Kuala Lumpur) Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 198498-T) and we were never at any point known as Gleneagles Hospital Limited as claimed in the email.

This email hoax first surfaced five years ago, and we had posted a statement on the GIMC website to clarify and inform members of the public that the contents of the email were a hoax.

In view of the above, we sincerely hope that all members of the public who had read this email and our clarification will inform everyone around them that this is a hoax and urge everyone to ignore and delete such emails in the future. Thank you.

For media inquiries please contact the Marketing & Corporate Communications Department at 03-42552761 or 03-42552892.

GleneaglesHospital Warning of Poisonous Perfume Arriving in Homes by Mail-Fiction!

Summary of the eRumor:
This is a forwarded email from the Office of Risk Management that says Gleneagles Hospital treated seven women after inhaling free perfume samples that they received in the mail. The warning said that the women died and the poisonings could be terrorist related.

The Truth:
This warning is a hoax, according to an official notice from the Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Also, the person whose name appeared in this eRumor from the Office of Risk Management told TruthOrFiction.com that they are not the originator of this warning.

It appears that some prankster may have added an official representative from the Office of Risk Management in Washington, DC to lend credibility to the hoax which was also posted the facebook web site.

This is a new version of an old eRumor that surfaced several years ago and TruthOrFiction.com has finding posted. Click for our report.

Updated 06/22/10

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

** High Priority **

Please spend 1 minute and read on… News from Gleneagles Hospital URGENT !!!!!

Seven women have died after inhaling a free perfume sample that was mailed to them. The product was poisonous. If you receive free samples in the mail such as lotions, perfumes, diapers etc. throw them away. The government is afraid that this might be another terrorist act. They will not announce it in the news because they do not want to create panic or give the terrorists new ideas. Send this to all your friends and family members.

(Name Withheld by TruthorFiction.com)
Office of the Chief of Police
Office of Risk Management
101 M Street, SW
Washington, DC

— On Mon, 6/4/12, Do Duc Ngoc <doducngoc@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Do Duc Ngoc <doducngoc@gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: FW: TIN KHẨN CẤP…. PHẢI ĐỌC!!!!!!!!
To: “BL Le” <lebl44@gmail.com>, “dani hull” <davis140@yahoo.com>, “Vietnam Time Edmonton” <thoibao@telus.net>, dotiengiang@yahoo.com, doquynhgiao@yahoo.com, thaihoavo@hotmail.com, lemanhtien55@gmail.com, “quynh chau do” <chauqc2009@gmail.com>
Cc: , forumkhicongydao@googlegroups.com, quanxuacva@yahoogroups.com, cva.sgvn@gmail.com, bcvacanada@hotmail.com, albertle416@yahoo.ca, anhvu_8888888888@hotmail.com, balinh1902@gmail.com, bha.cobacky@yahoo.com, chidomai@yahoo.com, christine.nguyen.long@gmail.com, chaudovan@yahoo.com, chithao2906@gmail.com, camhuong168@yahoo.ca, chinh252@gmail.com, dragonvnguyen@yahoo.com, domphamthanhcao@gmail.com, dptcao@gmail.com, deedang@yahoo.com, dungthodao@yahoo.com, doducv@gmail.com, danghungbk@gmail.com, ducdienbtm@yahoo.com, doquanghuy003@gmail.com, dieuhien5980@gmail.com, dangthiminhnguyet.165@gmail.com, dana@gmail.com, davidy2k@yahoo.com, dang.bui@thientam.net, daiphunghiep@yahoo.com, dangthianhtuom@gmail.com, dianenguyen36@yahoo.ca, danduyen@hotmail.com, denisethai1@gmail.com, dihoa1964@yahoo.com, doan55le@hotmail.com, duycuongb@yahoo.com, giangnguyenbinh@gmail.com, gemlabcanada@yahoo.com, hoangnb@hotmail.com, huenguyen01011985@yahoo.com, hung_hanhthien@yahoo.com, “hieu207truong” <hieu207@gmail.com>, HungBui@hnbui.com, hoilamngoc@gmail.com, ho_van2003@yahoo.de, hrodphoenix@gmail.com, hoa_sua_sg2004@yahoo.com, huyen.mai3@gmail.com, hoangdiepmyphuong@gmail.com, huydo04@yahoo.com, hongthu.thustatcan@gmail.com, hungaho@yahoo.ca, hungb1ngtrai1959@yahoo.com, hqsystemeng@rogers.com, instituttcm@yahoo.de, jacquelinai@hotmail.com, kimelstrand@yahoo.com, kvan014@yahoo.ca, kienquynh71@gmail.com, khanhly62@gmail.com, khanhly7@gmail.com, kimlongphatcorp@gmail.com, kv2010@live.com, kv20101@live.com, khanh817@hotmail.com, kimbquach@gmail.com, knguyen1087@rogers.com, kennguyen100@hotmail.com, kimbaonguyen@yahoo.ca, kyvanbui@gmail.com, lieudo2003@yahoo.com, langkhue@yahoo.com, lehue1182@gmail.com, leeletien@yahoo.com, lactrinh@yahoo.com, librarycry@yahoo.ca, lebichhai2000@yahoo.ca, leehuynh999@hotmail.com, leetuyet@gmail.com, lehhuynh@yahoo.com, lehuynh@yahoo.com, letranduy@yahoo.com, lau6890@rogers.com, lehuong15@yahoo.ca, lvu9@hotmail.com, launveiled@yahoo.com, mai_thanh_tran888@hotmail.com, margueritevo@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012, 3:35 PM


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