LOW BLOOD SUGAR-DEADLY Complication Done on Jan 30

Low blood sugar happened slowly, it could be 16 hrs after a hard and long exercise.

A healthy person who does not feel tired or painful anywhere in body, that person’s blood pressure is in the below standard ranges.

95-100/60-65mmHg, pulse 60/minutes ( 5-12 years old)
100-110/60-65mmHg, pulse 65/minutes (13 –17 years old)
110-120/65-70mmHg, pulse 65-70/minutes (18-40 years old)
120-130/70-80mmHg, pulse 70-75/minutes (41-59 years old)
130-140/80-90mmHg, pulse 70-80/minutes (60+ years old)

At children’s age, there are not many cases of low or high blood sugar except the type I diabetes. Young adults and older need more energy for activities and organs’ function, the level of blood sugar at empty stomach from 6.0-8.9mmol/L is compatible with the pulses of 65-70/minute for young adults, 70-75 for adults and 70-80 for seniors.

The variety in body temperature (hot or cold) is proportional with the pulse, but if it is in opposite proportional, the heart is with troubles.

According to pharmaceutical Accu-Chek Aviva, there are two ranges for low and high blood sugar 1.7-3.3mmol/L and14.4-19.1mmol/L. Our standard for blood sugar of a healthy person at empty stomach is defined as 6.0-8.0mmol/L and after meal 30 minutes as 8.0-12.0mmol/L.

Contour, another manufacturing pharmaceutical has its standard in fine (very small) black print on the plastic bottle contained the test trips (expiry date 08/2014) “Normal Control Solution Ranges/Valeurs de la Solution de Verification a Concentration Normale” as 5.8-8.1mmol/l (104-144mg/dL). There is a little higher as 6.7-8.4mmol/L for those newer bottles (expiry date 01/2015)

1-Symptoms, Causes and Prevention for Low Blood Sugar:

A- Symptoms:

When blood sugar is low as 4.0mmol/L, you are pale, have light headache, temperature starts cooler, cold sweat out, forgetting things easily, cold feet and hands, no reason frustrated, mumble, hungry, emotional breaking out easily, light shaking on eyes, lips and chicks, losing concentration and balance, sleepy, tired, falling down …

If you test your blood sugar and found it is 4.5mmol/L and less, you are getting to the danger. How to fix? 2 tea spoon of honey with water or a half can of pop or coca-cola will keep you with a little adequate sugar for a short length of time (say for 15 minutes you are not working lightly at an office) otherwise if you are driving you could end up in a sudden accident.

If the blood sugar is often as 5.0mmol/L and lower will make you feel painful at the higher level parts in your body as the shoulders, necks and upper back and arms; for longer periods of times such as a few years, you will become paralyzed from damaged nerve cells in fingers and spinal cord on the neck … the affected areas are where you feel cool or cold because it is not having enough energy/sugar. Using temperature meter, you can always test the painful places and will see it is as cool as 35◦C or even so low that the laser temperature meter shows “Low” while the no-pain places are at 36.5 to 37.5◦C.

B-Complications of the Low Blood Sugar:

1-Coma is happened when a patient is at very low blood sugar 3mmol/L and it is the following of a long sleep. There are other symptoms accompanied as the frozen jaw, dizzy, lot of sweat and sometimes with shaking feet and arms.

2-Mental disordered like drunken, illusion, worried, fears, frighten, running away without direction in mind, talking of nonsense, low self esteem, less self respect, rush pulses, vomit, blurred eyes, noise in ears, suddenly tired, body shaking, depress, migraine …

3-Seizure, numbed tongue and throat, paralyzed face or half body, mumble words, can’t speak, blurred vision (one figure into two)… these symptoms happened in a couple minutes and gone.

A glucose meter will help you to avoid that bad incident and when you know you have low sugar in your blood, you will drink a glass of sweet juice, honey with water, even eating a short cake or cookies could help. The amount of insulin injection should be adjusted (for less or none) if you have low blood sugar.

The serious cases are suddenly deep coma, frozen jaw’s muscle, shaking the body even paralyzed half body and reduced body temperature. Depends on the strength of certain people, a few woke up after a couple hours or couple days. If the glucose liquid was injected, the recovery process is quicker. The death happened as the heart failure resulted from the shortage of blood sugar to the heart muscle. There are things easily to be noticed that all problems occurred when the patients were hungry at the same time, day by day repeatedly. If the blood was screened and tested, their glucose level has been reduced regularly and steadily to a very low level while the patient did not know how to stop this downhill deadly problem.

When the brain’s cells don’t have enough glucose, the patients start losing direction, mixed thinking, headache, shaking, fainted and then coma.

The above symptoms have been come from the following common reasons

1-Hard and prolong activities make the muscles (in body and abdomen) moved, consumed energy and released sweats.
2-Delayed or skipped lunches
3-‘Diet’ and kept away from carbohydrate because the feeling of ‘scary’ or preventing of diabetes.
4-Over dozed of insulin injection
5-Kidneys failure
7-High blood pressure tablets’ side effect that reduces the condensed of blood.
8-Poisonous mushrooms.
10-Cancer or plumps at pancreas, kidney, stomach…
11-Worrisome people
11-Sensitive nerve at lung and stomach
13-Weak nervous system controlling the blood sugar

C-Emergency rescue children with blood sugar below 4.0mmol/l. (Australia Medical System Guideline)

Immediately give children sweet liquid as the following:

1-1/2 glass of juice, 2-3 teespoonse liquid of sugar or honey (10-15g), 5-7 pieces of jellybean, ½ can of pop or coca cola (not the diet ones). Encourage these children eat fruits and cookies or any kind of sweeties.

In case the child is with seizure or fainted, call the ambulance and stay with the kid until the help arrives and do not put anything into the kid’s mouth.

Glucagon is a suggested injection (if you were trained)

Australia Medical System’s defines the level of low blood sugar for children is the below 3.9 and for adults is below 6.4mmol/L. How about Canadian and States’? Is it good recommendation “as low as possible” in the American Diabetes Association’s website and “minimum at 4mmol/L” the Toronto Diabetes Education Program’s handouts, isn’t it?

2-Basic About The Low Blood Sugar Issues

Low blood sugar is a result of taking diabetes medication without checking if the body has an adequate blood sugar or not. In fact, the level of glucose in blood is managed by two kinds of hormones: Insulin reduces while glucagon increases glucose. In healthy persons, these two hormones insulin and glucagon work together peacefully.

There are deadly mistakes at treating diabetes with over-dozed insulin, prolonged or hashed insulin such as injected on the very active places as arms and feet’s, injected at the same place for years and warming up using hot pad right after the injection and on the injected area.

Taking tablets for diabetes becomes harmful when taking them far away from the meals, taking them without eating, continues taking them when the blood sugar is already low and taking them while working very heavy job. Remember the diabetes medication reduces the blood sugar, so if you taking the tablets you are supposed to eat as normal otherwise you don’t have enough energy for the body to fulfill its function: Have you ever seen people with diabetes become smaller and smaller for years? Their blood sugar has been deleted little by little while the intake for storage has been none!

Last but not least, for the successful discovery of insulin a long time ago, people have been so scared of high blood sugar that they keep away from the sugar by taking too much diet drink, eating all kind of less sugar food and they did not know their blood sugar became very low until this wrong thinking lead them to an accident or sicknesses seriously.

3-A Successful Alternative Treatment to Diabetes: Do a simple exercise (created and training through Quiqong Therapy under the instruction of Master Ngoc Duc Do-Please view the post “A Simple Exercise) always measure the blood sugar before and after for the appropriate amount of exercise

The safe level of blood sugar to do the simple exercise is always above 8 mmol/L

2mmol/L gained is equal to 2 tsp of honey; The good exercise will consumed 2mmol/L of sugar and 6.0mmol/L is the minimum blood sugar level for a healthy stage.

Please note that the simple exercise will reduce the blood pressure too, so if you have low blood pressure you have to do the exercises of bending your head down and let your upper thigh pressing your abdomen to help the blood circulated to your head easily.

If a person is with 7.0mmol/L, she or he has to increase her or his blood sugar by taking at least 1 tsp sugar or honey. It’s very important to take blood sugar monitor before and after the exercise in order to take more sugar for continue the exercise or not. Don’t forget to have 15 minutes break before checking.

4-The Standard Level of Blood Sugar for Active Working and Passive People Should Be Different

Please read the post “Who Care???” to understand the concern about the guideline for a national medical system (or the definition) at how much low and high blood sugar are as well as the standard defined as healthy or sick for treatment. If you are diabetes or you are a family member of someone who has diabetes, you could be confused how much the blood sugar is considered to be high or low to be cared for?

a-Those Who Are Not Active or at the Old Ages

The seniors in retirement or nursing home are not active or have not enough strength to do exercises. Their blood sugar before and after meals are not very much changed: they need to be checked and cared for not to have low blood sugar (below 6mmol/L). Low blood sugar for a long time, their brains will be left hungry and become dementias. Family members can help those seniors to do the simple exercise with folding leg and breathing out: Lift the patient’s leg and push the breath out (as remind the patient). This kind of exercise makes their organs moved and their sugar in food digested and gone into their body.

b-Those Who Are Working Need More Sugar as Energy

Do you think it is safe for those who have diabetes (be advised) to keep their blood sugar far below 6.4mmol/L even though they are working at heavy jobs? Many working man and women have been prescribed as diabetes and they have to take diabetes tablets everyday: Many are not lucky to understand the right way to care for their health and they are suffering from the diabetes medication side effects and getting low blood sugar. They continue having their brain, muscles, hearts … been starving from sources of energy-sugar.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. A person living in nursing home needs 500 calories to move around, back and forth, from the bedroom to the dining room. A working man who needs 2000 calories to operate a hammer jack, his body only receives 500 calories: Imagine how his body becomes in a near future. You need to have enough and even extra sugar in your blood and your body can convert it into energy for the brain and muscles: The blood sugar from 8 to 10mmol/L in an active person will become 6 to 8mmol/L in only 2 hrs. Those who have blood sugar 6-7mmol/L take metformin (diabetes tablets), their blood sugar becomes 5mmol/L and quickly to 4mmol/L; at the low blood sugar, these workers have headache, lost control and direction: Accidents happened to them when the blood sugar comes down to 4mmol/L.

If you can understand the language used in the medical guideline (for all Canadians) in the Canadian Diabetes Association website, you could be shocked from the very low standard/definition of diabetes as low as 4mmol/L! Obviously, the guideline considers the working men and women in factories need the same level of blood sugar as well as the seniors in nursing home do.

When you are sick, it’s your own knowledge to make your decision for your health care: We here to show you the other side of a picture. Do you agree that checking your blood sugar regularly, making time for your exercising to practice our suggested simple exercise and other movements, having foods with plenty of sugar and other nutrition are physically healthy to your body?

So, why don’t you spread the good news to anyone you care about


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