Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer

A-Three Main Characters of a Cancer
a-Materials/Resources to Diastolic:
In Eastern traditional medication and practical theory, the Diastolic, the pressure of an opening heart to attract black blood returning, is come from the foods or the medication and it is made of the quantity together with the quality of blood. The shortage or excess of blood is the difference resulted from comparison to our healthy standard list to the ages (you can always view this list in other posts about blood pressure).
During the old times, astronomer Galileo Galilei believed the earth is ground while other schoolars and the controlling Catholic Rome believed it was square. The one dared to tell the opposition to the present belief received severe punishment and ignorance to his work. Times passed, the truth is proved when there were more people followed it : Christopher Colombo lead his troops, went straight on a long challenging travel and found American Continent. It was not he got to the end of the earth and felt into the abiss.
Now a day, don’t you see lots of similar cases? The Hopskin University has had its study and announced that “Sugar is the enemy causing cancer”. The truth is like the 2 halves of the glove, one is night and other is day.
One half of the glove is rich with too much foods, its people’ body was with excessive of fat and sugar, and if these people don’t change their eating habits and take less food, everything in foods to their body is poisonous and there will be more cases of cancer. On the other half of the glove is poor people, they don’t have enough food and don’t even mention about sugar or meat to them: Yes, they have cancer but these cancers were caused by the shortage of necessary nutrition. If the Hopskin University was in a poor country, it would announce that sugar is very important to reduce the cancer.
Let’s observe a martial art training day in a Korean army base: to become an army officer, it takes 8 hrs per day and 2 yrs to finish. You can ask how much sugar they have to eat per day. If they keep doing these similar active practices everyday to their old age, will they have diabetes?
Active people needs lots of sugar and they don’t have diabetes: Can you be one of them?
An effective exercise as our Simple Exercise-folding legs and pushing exhale will convert sugar into healthy energy to the doers/practicers. For example, before doing 600 of this Simple Exercise doers’ blood sugar was 6mmol/L, it’s low and not enough for such a continuous exercise, isn’t it? So we advised the practicers take 2 tsps of honey and then after the exercise, the blood sugar was 5-6mmol/L. Can you see there is any sugar left as excessive to cause diabetes? We urge you to try 200 first of this Simple Exercise and tell us the result : We have many hundred people done this exercise every day for years. Low blood sugar is a deadly complication too (view other post about this topic), so for sure we have to take more for enough sugar and be ready for a helpful activity.
To the passive people, sugar is staying in their blood and might being converted to lump and later cancer and yes, sugar is harmful to the non-active old adults in nursing homes.
b- Air/Oxygen to Systolic:
When the heart shrinks and pushes out the blood to the circulation, it is the pressure of the air or the oxygen in the blood makes the systolic. The high or low systolic is made of the foods, sugar, the air brought in by deep breaths during the exercises or even the fever or flu caused by the body’ illnesses.
There are people with high systolic and high temperatures but feeling cold (while feeling hot is the another way): these people are getting sick for lives (such as arthritis!) if they live in the areas contributing to their worse situation (feeling cold lives in cold areas or vice versa).
Why don’t you travel to the countries with different temperatures compared to your home lands or even move to new places that you feel your sickness’s gone and ask yourself if that is improving your systolic and then your health or not.
c- Heart Beats/Pulses:
The heart beats can be fast or slow according to the level of sugar in foods. The heart needs the pressure in blood for its easy circulation, so, steady and long exercise like walking, jogging and swimming improve your pulse (with deep breaths of course).

B-Blood Cancer to Children:

The main reasons for blood cancer happened to children are the original genes (provided by the parents) had been lack of many important characteristics as theory we mention above. The physical growth of a person depends on the quality and quantity of the inputs (ie. foods). If a child did not have good original genes as good seeds, this child needs higher quality of foods to compensate the shortages.
An example: a child is 10 kg weigh need 1 L of blood circulating back and forth from the heart. When this child grows to an adult and has 60 kg weight, his circulation has a larger volume as 4 L of blood. The problem we can see in many cancer patients is their age grows but their body as well as the contained (quantity and quality of blood and its pressure), did not grow.
Unfortunately, there are many ‘original weak” children were born in poor families and did not have enough good food to feed their bodies then they developed Aplastic marrow deceases. We took blood pressure (BP) for these sick children and found they are very low 70-75/45-40 pulse 40/minute compared to the below BP.
The healthy BP for children (5-12 yrs old) are 95-100/60-65mmHg, pulse 60
Fat children are usually not physically strong because they were not active for the fat burn into energy ; The shortage oxygen in their blood make less red cells but excessive Fe2O3 (extra iron) ; as a result they have low BP and often feel water suffocating.
Those children were lack of blood, received blood transfusion, that helps them feel healthy for just a week and the same problem happened again. In fact, the new blood come with full oxygen and if the children stay passive, their blood again loses oxygen soon. We’ ve encouraged parents give their children more chances to be active like joining sports, swim, run, martial art…they will improve their health surprisingly.
To parents-to-be:
If you know your gene somehow is not very healthy, why don’t you take the foods enriching your blood (ie. Contains B12) and do some activities (swimming, running, martial arts…) bringing more oxygen into blood ? If you are not high blood sugar, why you don’t eat more sugar to have enough energy to be active? How about Mental strengthen-practicing meditation?
Don’t forget to check BP regularly. The BP is supposed to increase as the age getting old, if not, the blood will develop its cancer. The complication of narrow heart valves have been resulted from the very high or low blood sugar because the heart has been beating faster or lower than its healthy normal rate.

C-High and Low Sugar Both Lead to Cancer
At high and low blood sugar, the heart does not beat at normal rates, cells are functioning in mixed schedules and become lack of energy and oxygen.

A visual example: in a family of 5 adults and a mother, each person has a unique function. They are names as Salt, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, and Chili. During a meal, Sweet refers sweet foods. Unfortunately, there is none sweet food in the meal. Sweet asks his mom why he does not have his essential food. The mom says doctor told us that you has diabetes and you are not allowed to take much sweet food. Later, Sweet becomes weaker and weaker because he eats less and less. Can you imagine how that family looks like when Sweet dies? A hand with an- ill-to-die finger will be skillful, healthy and active to work?
Let’s observe and monitor a diabetes patient. This patient is not eating enough sugar (only diet foods !) while taking diabetes tablets. Muscles (even heart’s muscle) needs energy from sugar : Why the blood sugar tested at hand is still high? Where were the resources to provide high sugar into blood? Do you notice that this diet-diabetes patient is skinny ? In reality, Human body has its remarkable self-regulating way that it extracts sugar from the storage such as liver, muscles then bone and marrow. The next stage of health to that patient is his or her body become smaller and smaller. What is the feeling that patient at this stage ? Aching in the whole body like being bited from thousands of needles of bees and ants!
On the other hand, a healthy cell needs foods with all kinds of tastes and nutrition. Specially five organs like five trucks consume different gasoline extracted from the combination of foods. Heart needs bitter tasted foods (ie. Coffee). Stomach and pancreas need sweet for energy and keeps body temperature. Kidneys needs salt to balance the temperature, water, clean and exhaust toxic, feed hairs, bones and teeth. Liver needs sour to soften tendon, artery, vein, cartilage, nails, nerve cells … In muscle and bone, the sweet rate to other tastes is high to make them active. Lung needs chilli to open and close the pores and it helps cells exchange oxygen and balances body heat.
It is believed that a delicious food in Eastern cuisine is supposed to have five above main tastes. How about a bowl of Pho, Bun Bo Hue or Sweet and Sour hot chilli soup? These Vietnamese traditional foods provide you ingredients in both the air (for oxygen) and the supplement to quantity of blood.

D-The Digestion Process in Stomach

Let’s view stomach as a delivery truck: it takes different needed gases to itself, classifies and bring foods to other four trucks. It needs sweet food and heat from heart (Fire element) to cook food into liquid or ground (Earth element).
Next, stomach delivers food (gas) with bitter taste for heart running and giving back heat to it.
Then, it delivers chilli to lung, salt to kidneys (here blood is screened and stored little at liver)
Last, stomach brings sour to liver. Inside liver, gall bladder’s liquid was saved and screened the fat out of the blood. Good blood then was brought to the circulation.
So, sugar is the important start-up element for the whole process.

E- Four Stages of Cancer

There are two kinds of cancers Acute and Chronic.
Acute: It happened quickly and develops in a short period of times (died in a couple to a few months). Most of Acute Cancer patients had been under fully medication for high blood sugar and BP for several years but did not do any exercise or make the body active enough: Their BP become low for year. The side effects of the medication change the blood to be shortage of oxygen, thin of density, not enough strength for circulation but very much quantity and weak pressure for sugar in digestion transferred into energy for the body. A noticeable symptom is difficult breathing together with aching upper half of the body. The weak organ begins its first matastasis. Take BP regularly every day and every time not feeling well is the best detecting for this cancer: Remember that low BP for a long time was not paid attention by doctors and it is the cause.
Chronic: it happened and develops in a longer period of time and the symptom is the low blood sugar.
Qiqong Therapy has classified and specified this kind of cancer in 4 stages.
1 : Potential hidden stage
BP is always as low as 90/68mmHg, pulse 65 to 70/minute. Systolic 90mmHg is weak pressure and does not contain much enough oxygen. Diastolic 68 is low quantity of blood and not feeding well body’s cells. Pulse at 70 is low blood sugar leading to a thin density, cold temperature and slow speed of circulation leaving cells starving soon.
Symptom: The BP in two arms is all low but the lower side is where the patient has headache called migraine for years. Since the BPs are low so patients have dizzy, tired, aching, stomach upset, walking and breathing with difficulty. To women, they have un-even monthly periods, menstrual pain, infertility, constipation from intestine’s weak movement…

The following bad habits push cancer appear quicker:

a/. Not being-active and taking high BP tablets continuously after the BP was already low: the pressure of air or oxygen (in blood) is weaker and weaker.
b/. Eating unbalance and unhealthy foods: Eating little and not enough nutrition for the body to be strong to feed healthy cells, diet with less or no sugar foods, eating too much sour food (killing red blood cells), drinking too much water (reduces flexibility of intestine’s muscles). There are many women want to have a model-skinny body like Angela Jolie and they keep eating as less as possible specially sugar, some eats more sour foods: this kind of habit has been killing many women slowly by all kinds of illnesses and then cancers.
2 : Impaired-Failure Cells Reducing Circulation
The BP is lower as 85/65mmHg pulse 60/min: Blood circulation is reduced then hands and feet are cold.
Burden from un-necessary medication:
In this stage, patients are with all organs impaired, blurred vision, breathing as asthma, bad digestion, no appetite, eating less, aching whole body and have to take many other medications such as high BP, diabetes, painkiller, anti-depression, digestion, constipation, sleeping pills, osteoporosis … some of those medications were reacting each other and become heavy burden for the stomach. Cancers can happen first in stomach. To women, the menstrual with pain and then tumors developed in uterus. To men, prostate and colon cancers developed.
3 : Blood Cancer in Adults
The low BP happens as a quiet agent while people are scared very much with high BP, therefore they ignore all kind of symptoms until it is very late: their marrow stops reproducing and patients are diagnosed as cancer
In hospital, chemo is the only treatment available: Isolating and killing cancer cells and other healthy cells, too.

In human body, there are 5-10% of cancer cells, the rest is healthy cells. During the chemo, patients are advised to only eat foods that not feed cancer cells. Apparently the healthy cells are going to die from being left hungry and that may be a chance for cancer cells improving. Why don’t we build up and support 90% healthy cells and let them improve to overcome the cancer cells with all kinds of good foods and good exercises for more oxygen inputs? Oxygen is the powerful agent fighting cancer by isolating and eliminating its cells because cancer cells can only improve in the non-oxygen environment.

Check your BP everyday and every time you don’t feel well. Whenever the BP comes below 100/60mmHg, immediately be action for BP going back to the healthy level: Eat more good food and full meals for energy and exercise for more oxygen. If blood sugar below 6mmol/L before the exercise, take a half can of Coke then do 600 (or two times of 300) Simple Exercise-Folding legs and pushing exhale.
At this stage, patients are at danger and have to be hurry with actions: All other kinds of exercise could help to and you have to choose which one increase BP at the best rate at short period of time that you need such as swimming, running or walking for hours … These exercises help patient recover its digestive function, the circulation and rescue their healthy cells out from this stage by increasing BP to above 100/60 mmHg, other sicknesses will be gone automatically.

4 : Final

BP continues going down to 80/60mmHg and then 70/50mmHg while the pulse is 40-50/min, the whole body is shortage of blood and it starts metastasis to other parts: patients die at anytime in this stage.

With strong wills, many patients have been fighting and still alive by balancing the three main resources (Oxygen, foods and mental) for maintaining healthy BP. Besides enough good foods and sugar, they took B12 injection at high doze 5000mg, Multivitamin more food with supplement of iron Fe (to fight the water suffocation symptom) , avoid all sour foods and milk products like Ensure (which develops swamp causing blocking the throat)… do exercise at continuous numbers first 200 of the Simple Exercise and then increase to 300, 400 and 600 two and three times per day after the meal 30mins: this exercise promoves the digestive system transferring foods into blood and encourages the whole body restart the run to healthy stage.
The BP sometimes looks normal at systolic and diastolic compared to the healthy standard list but the pulse is higher: Be careful and you have to look for the unreal BP, please read the post “Dangerous Signs of UNREAL Blood Pressure”. The heart beats faster to cover the low pressures in the circulation: the unreal BP fools us with many hidden problems.
An example: A cancer 46 yrs old patient has 128/68mmHg pulse 130. The pulse is higher than the standard 80 or 130-80=50. So, the real systolic is 128-50=78, such a low number isn’t it?
Therefore, real BP is 78/68mmHg or the cancer BP: Now do you want to start fighting cancer with good foods, hard and continuous exercises for more oxygen or wait for later?



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